Interior decoration custom example of the Hiace

Because the Hiace 200 system has a big size, it becomes easy to do a custom of the interior decoration very much. What I can lay out freely so that an area is large is the same as a common room. Let's introduce a concrete example to be concrete what kind of custom is done.
For example, there is a thing to completely make a rear seat a bed. I knock over a seat and, not a level to let you recline a seat, completely make a flat bed and find space as the futon is stormy on the top. I can spend the camping more comfortably when I prepare for full-scale space to lie like this and can use this as a work top not a bed. It may say Hiace 200 line that there is such an interior decoration custom.
Because a 200 system Hiace has a big size, I can use it like a camper. For example, there are the custom parts such as a room carrier, a table, multi-shade, the cup holder and only adds these parts and it is simple and can make a camper.